Becki Allen grew up in a suburb outside of Chicago. She is the daughter of two public school teachers, her dad was a 5th grade teacher and her mom was a middle school math teacher. Becki attended public school from grade school through high school and then attended college on the north side of Chicago, North Park University. There she met her husband, whom she married while finishing her degree and living on campus. She graduated from college in 2003 with a degree in Biblical and Theological Studies. Her goal with that degree was to eventually go into full-time missionary work, however, she ended up working for two non-profits for over 15 years. She worked for a pregnancy clinic and then for a multi-faceted ministry that included a preschool and alternative school for at-risk teens.

Becki has been married to her husband, Nick, for 21 years. They have three children, twin girls, and a son. Her children have always attended public school and continue to move up through Wake County Public Schools. They will all be attending high school together this year! She and her husband have financed a curriculum at their local high school in Cary, which teaches the students how to navigate real-world situations with financial responsibility. Students will learn how to pay off debt, the best ways to save for the future, how to budget, and how to be generous with their money.

Becki began getting involved in politics in 2020 when she would go down to the legislature, as well as call and email her representatives to support various bills. She also started attending Republican meetings and eventually decided to run for office. She filed to run for the NC House, but with redistricting being unfavorable, she put her focus and her passion into running for the school board. Unfortunately, she stepped out of that race before filing to focus on her teenage children. She stepped up again when she ran for Wake GOP leadership and was elected as a member at large in March 2023. She is currently serving the Wake GOP by leading a parent’s coalition to become engaged with the Wake County School board.

What the Parent’s Coalition does:
The Wake GOP’s purpose is to not only get great, conservative candidates elected but also to support them once they are elected into office. This is even more important in reference to the Wake County School board because out of the 9 elected officials, only 2 are conservative. They are outnumbered and out voiced on the school board, so our goal with the Parent Coalition is to attend meetings, send emails and speak at meetings to support Cheryl and Wing. They are bravely standing up for conservative values and we want to stand behind them to show the rest of the board that they are not alone. We recognize that there are many groups within Wake County that are on a similar mission and we have partnered with them when the chance is available. We are not trying to compete with any other group, we want to walk alongside them, with our main focus on supporting Cheryl and Wing.

Issues in Wake County:
There are a variety of issues facing Wake County Public Schools. The most well-known may be the sexually explicit books within the schools and the policies that were recently passed that define what books & materials are allowed to stay in schools and how parents are able to challenge those books and materials. Most recently, there is also the issue of broken air conditioning in buildings as the traditional school year begins as well as overall maintenance of Wake County schools and facilities. Wake County schools are beginning with 300 teachers still needed to fill classrooms, There is also a shortage of bus drivers which caused the school board to decide that middle schoolers and high schoolers will not have daily busses available. The majority of Wake County students are reading below grade level and are not at grade level in math. The school board is injecting DEI into almost everything and paying exorbitant salaries for more DEI professionals within the administration.


Anastasia Budrick is the Turning Point USA High School Field Rep who oversees the eastern portion of North Carolina. Ana has her bachelors in Communications and is passionate about both politics and working with High Schoolers.

TPUSA Summary:
Turning Point USA is a non-profit and non-partisan organization seeking to involve High Schoolers nationwide to promote freedom, educate on the constitution, further intellectual diversity, and engage in community impact through mentorship.


How to get involved:
If you are interested in getting involved or know someone who might be interested, please feel free to contact me at or fill out the quick form;